Jun 01 2009

Another Buttercup Bag

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Buttercup Bag

I like the way this one came out even more! This time I used a home dec weight fabric for the base of the bag and corduroy for the sides and handles. The stiffness is much more to my liking. I also stitched the lining to the outside beneath the snaps to make it stronger when you open and close the snaps. (Yeah, I know. Not the greatest stitching job, but does help quite a bit!)

Sewing near snaps

I think my snaps might be particularly strong. Not sure. Oh, if you’re curious where I got my snaps, I got them in bulk from Ah Kwok Supplies. Good wholesale prices.

I also made my shoulder strap slightly differently. I made a tube and then turned it inside out. Then I topstitched down the sides. I like this method. I think the final strap is more even, but corduroy was really hard to turn right side out. And I forgot to press open the seam first–so a word to the wise. Always press, then turn. The strap is still a little floppy, but comfy at least.

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