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Jul 31 2009

Gold Ottoman — Part 1

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I’ve decided I need to use up my stash. I also have a ton of scraps that I can’t bring myself to throw out so I’m going to use them for stuffing. For what? For an ottoman type seat like the drawing you see above. Yeah, I know my photoshop drawing skills leave something to […]

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Jul 30 2009

Olive Selection

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Nothing super special here. These were set out as hors d’oeuvres and I liked my presentation and thought I would share.

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Jul 29 2009

Deviled Eggs

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As an appetizer I made deviled eggs. I used the Cooks Illustrated recipe. I enjoyed them and I got great compliments on them 🙂

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Jul 28 2009

Marshmallow Dream Bars

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For my movie night I made some rice krispie treats. But these were oh so much more. These were marshmallow dream bars. They have whole marshmallows in them. Take a look: They were delicious. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: 1 standard box of rice krispies (I used generic Safeway brand) 1 stick of butter (plus some […]

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Jul 27 2009

Zillicious Cupcakes

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Had a belly dance movie night at my place to watch Whatever Lola Wants and couldn’t resist making some belly dance themed cupcakes. These are chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting. The “zills” are yellow meringues with black licorice laces stuck in them for the elastics. Here you can see them with a real set of […]

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Jul 26 2009

Been a while . . .

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It’s been a while since I lasted posted. Over a month I think. Things got busy. But now I’m back to some stuff. To kick things off, here’s an amazing sushi roll I had at Ten Ichi in San Francisco. It tasted as fabulous as it looks.

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