Jul 31 2009

Gold Ottoman — Part 1

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I’ve decided I need to use up my stash. I also have a ton of scraps that I can’t bring myself to throw out so I’m going to use them for stuffing. For what? For an ottoman type seat like the drawing you see above. Yeah, I know my photoshop drawing skills leave something to be desired. At least I can sew better.

Side fabric

We start by cutting out the fabric. This is the fabric to go around the side.

Quarter circles

Cut 8 quarter circles. These will attach to form the top and bottom as below:

Top half

It’s important when cutting out the quarters that they lie along similar major lines if your fabric has a pattern as this one does. It makes the design look prettier when they match up.

Leftover triangles

When you’re done cutting out the quarter circles, at least in my case since I was laying it along pattern lines, I ended up with these triangles. I think they might be enough to make a second smaller ottoman. Maybe a taller but thinner one. Or maybe a square one. We shall see.

Basting in zipper area

On the bottom I decided to put a zipper to make it easy to close after I fill it. I was a bit concerned about being able to fill it and then sewing it up. So here I have basted where the zipper should go and then done reinforcement stitches on either side of those.

Marking where the zipper goes

Here I’ve marked in purple where the reinforcement stitches start so I can tell when I line up my zipper.

Pinning the zipper in place

And pin the zipper into place. This picture shows how I clipped the seam allowance as the crossing seam so that it would lay flatter once the zipper is in place.

The zipper

And the final zipper. Coming up next is creating the piping for the edges and sewing it together.

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