Oct 12 2009

Stitch Example: Corded Seam

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Continue reading to see how to do this.

Corded Seam - Part 1

I just used some binding which I had made a while ago. Didn't feel like making new stuff.

Corded Seam - Part 2

Pin the cording/binding to the right side, lining up with raw edge. Stitch a little closer to the piping each time.

Corded Seam - Part 3

Press after sewing.

Corded Seam - Part 4

Pin the second piece of fabric, so right sides are together, with the piping sandwiched between. Stitch as close to piping as possible, on your seam alloweance

Corded Seam - Part 5

Press. Grade seam if desired.

Corded Seam - Part 6

Press open. And you're done.

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