Oct 18 2009

Stitch Example: Bias Facing

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Continue reading to see how to do this.

Bias Facing - Part 1

Begin as you would for doing a Double Bias Binding. Iron a bias strip in half. Pin the bias strip to the right side of the fabric, matching raw edges.

Bias Facing - Part 2

Stitch at 1/4" (I think I actually did 3/8"). Then press.

Bias Facing - Part 3

Roll the bias facing over the seam allowance to the back. From the front you should not see any bias strip. From the back you should not see any seam allowance. My seam allowance was a bit too big relative to my binding so at this point I trimmed the seam allowance as well. Pin in place and stitch. I used a 1/4" stitch on the right side since my machine stitches don't look great on the bobbin side.

Bias Facing - Part 4

Press and you're done. Here's the finished product shown on the right side. (Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy.)

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