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Apr 30 2010

A rose is a rose

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It was a gorgeous day today and I was wandering around my garden thinking of what I’d like to plant. Some of the roses in my garden were in full bloom and I thought I’d share.

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Apr 28 2010

Class Project: Faux Wrap Dress

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Here was my first project for the class. We needed to make either a shirt or a dress. Something with a bodice. Of course I decided to do princess seams because I apparently like to drive myself crazy. No, it’s really cuz I like the way they look. Strangely I didn’t read the package of […]

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Apr 13 2010

Salty Plum Soda

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This is the salty plum soda at Evergreen Garden in SF. I love trying newthings so I had to get it. It was interesting. Not as weird as you mightthink but kinda salty yet sweet. Kinda like yogurt covered pretzels but notquite that good either.

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Apr 10 2010

Lab Project: Bathrobe

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For my lab project, I wanted something quick and easy but also something to use up some fabric I had lying around. I was quite proud that I managed to use only stash fabric for this although it did require some very easy pattern alteration. I’ll admit, it came out a little Hugh Heffner looking, […]

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Apr 09 2010

Fabric Box Tutorial

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Here is the tutorial for making this fabric box. I have pictures for most steps which I find makes things clearer.

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Apr 08 2010

Cupcakes Galore

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For my housewarming party I went a little crazy baking cupcakes. It’s what I do. The flavors were s’mores (chocolate with marshmallow–my fave), English toffee, vanilla chai and a secret flavor! We had a little contest to see if people could guess the cupcake flavor. Since you can no longer taste them, I’ll just tell […]

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Apr 07 2010

Cupcake Supply Awesomeness

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For my housewarming party, I made approximately 150 cupcakes of varying sizes and flavors. I found this great place Fancy Flours which is my new favorite place to get cupcake supplies. They have a great selection of papers which are really  high quality. I was quite pleased. And the best? See the sprinkles on the […]

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Apr 06 2010

Fabric Boxes

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I desperately needed to organize my closet (specifically my purses in this case) so I decided to embark on some fabric boxes. I’ve been seeing them around the interwebs for a while and been meaning to try them. I was quite pleased with how mine came out. But even more so, I was pleased that […]

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Apr 05 2010

Catching up on pictures: St. Patrick’s Day

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Catching up on some pictures I wanted to post. This one was obviously from St. Patrick’s Day. We had a cupcake making event at work. I came in late because of a meeting and only had about 5 minutes and this is what I was able to accomplish. My chocolate shamrock on the far left […]

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Apr 04 2010

Returning . . .

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So recently there have been very few posts. I think for several months. But I have a legitimate excuse: we just moved so I’ve been cleaning and doing all sorts of other new house type items. But those seem to have settled. Or at least I have moved to the point where I can now […]

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