Apr 04 2010

Returning . . .

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Thai dessert

So recently there have been very few posts. I think for several months. But I have a legitimate excuse: we just moved so I’ve been cleaning and doing all sorts of other new house type items. But those seem to have settled. Or at least I have moved to the point where I can now do new house crafts like curtains.

The stitch examples were great while I was doing them but there are intended to be more like a reference. So I have made a page for them: Stitch Examples. There are some missing. The photos are there in my flickr stream, but I haven’t taken the time to write them up. I’ll get to those at some point, but there not of immediate importance and I’d rather post some more interesting stuff.

To get things started off, I have this picture of some Thai desserts above from a now local Thai restaurant. Stay tuned for some pictures of my actual projects from my sewing class as well and some more sewing projects.

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