Jun 10 2010

Planting a garden

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Over Memorial Day weekend, my parents were in town and my dad helped me plant an herb garden. The original plan was to plant them in the dirt you see them on, not in the pots. However, it turns out that my dog is a bit of a digger. The yard is littered with holes like this one:

Garden hole

Here she is at work. I think she dug this hole that almost fits her head in a matter of minutes. She’s quick.

Minnie helps me dig

As a result, to avoid having her dig up my herbs, we decided to put them in pots. Here’s what I ended up planting:

  • lavender
  • sage
  • thyme
  • basil (sweet, cinnamon, and thai)
  • eggplant
  • boysenberry
  • blackberry
  • lime tree

Yes, I realize that those aren’t all herbs. Only the first four are, but I got over zealous.

Planting supplies

Here is how we did it. First we lined all the pots with lava rocks to help with drainage.

Lava rocks

Pots for herbs

Then we mixed soil (two types, tree and normal) with compost.

Potting Mix and Compost

Soil for trees

Dirt compost mixture

And filled the pots most of the way with the soil mixture.

Fill most of the way with dirt-compost mixture

Next we watered down the soil, stuck the plant in, filled in with more soil and watered down again. I would have taken more pictures during this but my hands were kinda dirty so I didn’t want to touch my phone.

Here are some pics of the end result.

Herbs (and eggplant):


Lime tree:

Lime tree

Berries (they’re in the empty areas):






Plans to plant some more stuff soon. Will keep ya posted.

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