Jul 31 2010

Butterfly, don’t fly away

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While we were in Vancouver, Dad really wanted to visit Victoria, particularly Butchart Gardens. While we were in the tourist center after landing in Victoria (we took a sea plane which was so cool!), I noticed a flyer for the Butterfly Gardens. Dad was interested, too, and as luck would have it, it was already a stop on the general tour route to Butchart Gardens so we signed up for that. And I’m really glad we did as we saw tons of beautiful butterflies and learned a lot about them.


We didn’t spend a whole lot of time there. Maybe 45 minutes. But it’s not a huge place so you don’t need that much time. It’s a great stop over on the way to the gardens, being only about 5 minutes away. Anyhow, wanted to share some of the wonderful butterflies we saw.




These are the larvae for some of the butterflies. They were good sized. They don’t do much other than eat.


This one is actually a moth. The Atlas Moth. We learned that there are approximately 150,000 species of moths compared to only about 25,000 species of butterflies because historically speaking, moths have been around a lot longer. Some of the large moths like this one only live for a couple of days, make some babies and then die.


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