Aug 03 2010

Frock by Friday: Anda – Monday

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So I am following along with the Frock by Friday sew-along. This is a really easy dress we’re doing. A bit below my level. But I need an easy one in order to finish by Friday since I don’t typically have that much time during the week.

Anda: pieces printed

Today was easy althogh it took a surprisingly long amount of time since I had issues with my printer. I started by getting the pattern here from Burda Style. It cost $3.50 which I’m willing to pay for the experience of sewing along with others, but in general this is around the most I will pay for a pattern since I can typically get them for $1.99 or $0.99 at JoAnn’s when they go on sale ($3.99 for Vogue). I’ve tried some other pattern companies, but for the most part, they’re not much better or worse than Simplicity and McCall’s as I usually have to adjust no matter what.

Anda: checking printing

But back to the sew-along . . . today we’re just making the pattern itself and cutting out the pieces. After printing them out, I double checked to make sure I printed them at the right size. I did.

Anda: edges cut

1. Cut off the edges of the sheets I printed. I like to overlap my pieces and then tape. I find it’s easier to line them up that way. Plus I only have to cut off at most 2 edges from each page.

Anda: Every taped together

2. Arrange the sheets to form the pattern pieces. They give you a diagram on the first page of the pattern.

3. Tape the pages together so all the edges line up. It’s actually taped in the picture above. I taped as I was lining it up.

Anda: Pieces cut out

4. Cut out the pieces. I cut out size 38 based on my measurements, but I suspect I might want a 36 based on how loose this pattern is. We’ll see, won’t we?

And we’re done for today.

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