Aug 07 2010

Gold Pillow

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Stuffed pillow

My goal recently has been to get through old projects. I’m really making a concerted effort at doing so as well as using existing fabric. It’s taken an extreme amount of willpower not to buy more fabric, but so far I’ve been mostly successful.

Today I picked up a project which had been sitting for a while. Back in the day, I made a gold ottoman. When I cut out the triangles for that, it left other triangles. So I have put those together into a small pillow. I also had tons of the binding leftover and this was a good way to use it. Unfortunately there’s still both fabric and binding so there will probably be more pillows eventually. Furthermore, I had a whole bag of “stuffing” (i.e., old clothes, mattress pads, fabric scraps, etc.) that I was eager to get out of my house.

So let’s get started . . .

The four pieces for the top

First I laid out the four triangles for both the top and bottom. Just top shown here.

Only the middle seam left

Next I sewed two of the seams. Repeated for top and bottom.

The top sewn

Then I sewed the middle seam for the top.

The bottom zipper layout

For the bottom I wanted to put a zipper for easy stuffing. I laid out the zipper to see where to baste. Then I sewed the seam and sewed in the zipper.

The zipper cover flap

The next step might seem a bit odd. Next I made a little rectangle of fabric, stitched over the edges on all four sides and then sewed it over my zipper on three sides. So I can still reach in and open the zipper. The reason for this is so that the zipper doesn’t scratch wood floors if the pillow is on the ground. I made a similar rectangle and hand stitched it over the zipper of my gold ottoman as well.

The zipper sewn in

Next I squared up the two pieces. The top was a little bigger than the bottom so I trimmed such that they were even.

Attaching the binding to the top

Then I pinned and sewed the binding to the top.

Pin top to bottom

Pinned the top to the bottom and sewed.

Finished pillow case

And voila! a finished pillow case. See the top of this post for a picture of the stuffed pillow. I’m quite happy with it and it will look great in my dance room with the ottoman eventually.

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