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Oct 29 2010

Food Friday: Pamplemousse

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I apologize for just the food posts right now. I haves some sewing posts that I just need to finish up and I’m working on some really cool projects right now. So soon . . . soon there will be more crafty posts. Until then, enjoy these lovely desserts from Pamplemousse. The macarons at the […]

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Oct 15 2010

Food Friday: Canning Raspberry Jam

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Ing Mom came into town the other day. I had been begging her for Aunt Shirl’s Jam recipe because it’s the best. So even better than just e-mail it to me, we made it together. Two batches actually, but I only took photos during the first. Aunt Shirl’s Raspberry Jam Ingredients 8 cups of raspberries […]

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Oct 08 2010

Food Friday: White eggplant

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I’ve decided to start a new item called “Food Friday.” I enjoy posting about food related items because I find they are often somewhat crafty in sort of creating an edible craft. But I’d really like this blog more to be about sewing and crafts. So I’ll stick to doing food items only on Fridays […]

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