Dec 13 2010

Wire-wrapping an LED

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Wire wrapped LEDs

Something happened to the original version of this post so I’m reposting. Sorry if you’re seeing it twice. Previously I showed how to make an LED dog collar in which I used LEDs that I had wire wrapped. Here I will show the steps for making a wire wrapped LED that you could then use in sort of soft circuit.

Cut the leads of the LED

Start by cutting the leads of the LED to reasonable length. You’ll have to test it later for positive/negative since they will look the same.

Bend the first lead up

Bend the first lead at a right angle to the other

Wire wrap the first lead

Grab the lead you bent at the end with the tip of the needle nose pliers such that the pliers point in the same direction as the LED. Rotate to wrap the lead around the plier until it is awkward.

Wire wrap the first lead

Then re-grip the lead by loosening and rotating the pliers the other way and re-grabbing the lead. Continue doing this until the lead is fully wrapped up to the LED.

Bend up the other lead

Bend up the other lead as you did the first.

Wire wrap the second lead

Repeat as you did for the first to wire wrap the second lead.


And you’re done! Ready to sew to a soft circuit.

Wire wrapped LED

Another view of the wire wrapped LED.

It’s a bit difficult to explain wire wrapping so I did my best to make a video explaining it:

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