Dec 22 2010

Tommy Boxers: Part 3

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Today we’re working on sewing the fly and getting some real sewing done. This is a longer post but only because I have a lot of photos, not because it’s more complicated.

Folding the Fly

One side of fly

The two sides of the fly look the same, but mirror images of each other. We’ll start with the left side of the boxers which means the fly part is on the right.

Measuring fly to get correct width

Fold over 1.5″ and then fold over 1.5″ again. Press, of course. The second fold should be at the point where the slit into this piece starts.

Sewing top edge of other side of fly

Stitch 1/8″ from the edge at the top to hold the folds in place.

First fold for fly

Now take the other side. Press over 1/4″. Use your guide if you like.

Second fold for fly

Then press over 1.5″. You’ll notice this one sticks past the edge. This is because it will overlap onto the other one giving us the fly as we know it.

Sewing top edge of fly

And once again stitch 1/8″ from the top to secure the fly. This will make a pocket for our elastic later s well.

Sewing the shorts together

Now we get to actually see our boxers start to take shape as we do the side seams.

Pinning side seam

Pin the seams together. You’ll have to open up the hems you ironed before, as well as the vents. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance and . . .

Side seam at the vent

. . . only sew down until the slit above the vent where you should back stitch to secure.

Do this for both sides.

Serging the seam

Next finish off your seams. You can use a simple zig zag stitch or I like to use my serger.

Then I like to top stitch from the outside. It gives a nice clean finish.

(This part was annoying because I was using white thread to sew the inside, but I wanted brown topstitching so I had to keep switching threads :P)

Press hems and vents back into place.

Pin & sewed curved part of the fly

Next pin the crotch into place and sew.

Serged curved part of the fly

Again finish.

Another quick note: I like to press all my seams open before finishing them off with the serger.

And that’s all for today. Tomorrow we’ll move on to elastic.

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