Dec 27 2010

Tommy Boxers: Part 5

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Minnie approved!

These boxers are Minnie approved!

It’s the last day of the Tommy Boxer walkthrough so let’s finish them up.

Sew the Fly

The fly to start

Here’s what your fly should look like right now.

Folding under the bottom corner of the fly

Lift the top flat and fold the corner of the bottom layer under.

Folding under second corner of fly

Then fold the top layer under as well so the edges match up and pin in place.

Fly pinned to be topstitched

Stitch down the right side (looking from the inside), down around the bottom, and up the left, being sure not to catch the right side into the sewing on the way back up — otherwise the fly won’t open!

Bottom of fly

Give an extra little zig zag on the bottom to secure.

Pinning elastic in place

And stitch in line with the bottom elastic seam to secure the top part.

Crotch seam

Topstitched fly seam

Our final seam which goes across the bum.

Pinning hte crotch

Pin the crotch seam and sew it. Same seam allowance as before. Press your seams open and then closed.

Crotch seam

And finish off. As before, I’ve chosen to use a serger.

Reinforce bottom seam top stitching

Once again, reinforce from the outside with some top-stitching.

Vents and Hems

Finished vent

Our last step is the bottom hem. First sew each vent. You’ll be sewing up one side, zig zag across and then down the other side. You’ll nee to open up the bottom hem for this.

Finished hem

Press hte bottom hem in place and stitch.

Finished Tommy Boxer Shorts

And you’re done! Enjoy your new boxers.

Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and that it was helpful. I’ll have a review of the pattern as well, but to summarize: I really like this pattern and will use it to make many more boxers.

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