Jan 18 2011

New Leaf Bags are cute

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Finished New Leaf Bag

Finished up some New Leaf Bags as part of the stash busting contest on Pattern Review.

It looks super cute folded up. And it’s very easy to fold up. Here are the steps:

How to fold step 1

First lay it flat.

How to fold step 2

Fold in the sides.

How to fold step 3

Fold the bottom up.

How to fold step 4

Fold the top down.

Finished New Leaf Bag folded up

Bring the pocket flap around to velcro shut and voila!

I’ll post my review of the pattern and a sewalong later this week. (It seems what I’ve been calling a walkthrough is actually called a sewalong. I guess the gamer in me calls it a walkthrough 🙂 )

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  1. […] but otherwise, not much. I know she likes using reusable bags when grocery shopping and I love my New Leaf Totes that I made almost 6 years ago and they’ve held up great. Still looking as good as the day I made them (well, assuming they’ve […]

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