Jan 23 2011

Silhouette Sunday: Heat Transfer Tests on Bags

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Things bag

Last time I tried heat transfer, I tried some of the Sihouette brand flocked heat transfer on my pants. I’ve had some peeling issues on certain parts and wanted to try some other brands of stuff just to see how they work and because some of the other brands have more variety in color (and sparkles).

I decided to try some Thermoflex based on the suggestion of Maggie Muggins. Like Maggie, I picked up my Thermoflex Plus from H&H Sign Supply. I got my order within 2 days using the cheapest shipping so I will order from them again. Plus I really like their multipack of being able to order 1 foot of 5 different colors since this isn’t something I do a lot.

This was definitely a little experimental. My first attempt was a total oops:

Stuff bag

After that, I got a little more scientific. I cut out some small rectangles and tested them at the different temperatures on my iron (my iron actually has 7 temps, but I already knew 7 didn’t work — see above 😛 ).

Heat Transfer test

All were held for 20 seconds. Level 1 didn’t adhere at all. Levels 2 through 4 seemed to look the best. I suspect this is because this is a small test and I was able to cover the rectangle entirely.

Irons are different temperatures at different parts of the iron, so with such a small piece, it was able to have a pretty even temperature. When I actually went to do this, I had to bump up my temperature to level 5 (wool).

In order to help with the temperature issues, I plan on ordering a teflon sheet the next time I order from H&H. Also, the bags are a little different than, say, a shirt, because the orange one doesn’t lay flat really.

I am quite happy with the quality. I’ll have to do some wash tests later on and still looking forward to testing out the metallics.

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