Jan 25 2011

New Leaf Folding Totes Sewalong: Part 2

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New Leaf Bags Folded up

Continuing along with sewalong with a quick sneak peek above 🙂

Assembling the Bag

Now it’s time to put the bag together.

Matching corners

Match the corners and the seams in particular and stitch across. Repeat for the lining.

Creased corner of bag

Then, press some nice creases to form the shape of the bag. You’ll want to do the reverse creases for the lining.

Handles pinned

Pin the handles to the outside of the bag between the pairs of notches at the top.

Band pinned

And pin the band around the top of the bag over the handles.

Band basted to exterior and sewn between handles

Do a normal stitch between one pair of handles. Baste the rest of the way around.

Put exterior into interior

Now slip the bag inside the lining. Pin matching the seams and notches at the top. And sew where you basted before.

Leaving whole open

This means you’ll be leaving unsewn the spot where you did normal stitching before. See the photo above.

Whole from turning bag

At this point you’re supposed to hand sew that opening shut. I am rather averse to hand stitching so instead I chose to top stitch the seam between the bag and the top band. You’ll want to press that seam before you top stitch so it lays flat and doesn’t wrinkle on you.

Top stitching of top on inside

Here’s how the inside turned out. It was pretty fast and I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

Top stitching top on outside

And the outside. Gives it a nice finished look.

Top stitching of handles

Finally top stitch the handles to the band.

Attach the Pocket

We’re almost done! Just the pocket to attach.

Pocket turned out and ironed

Turn the pocket right side out and press the pocket flat.


And top stitch around the whole outside.

Edge stitch of pocket

This will end up sealing up the opening you turned it through.

Next you’ll need to attach the scratch side of the velcro to the non-interfaced side. I forgot to take a photo of this part. Oops. But I’m sure you can figure out.

Pocket sewn on

Center the pocket on one side of the bag and stitch into place using the guidelines on the patter piece.

How to fold step 1

Finally, fold the bag up, see where the velcro hits and attach the soft side of the velcro to that spot.

And you’re done!

Here’s the first part of sewalong if you missed it. Tomorrow I’ll show some finished photos.

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  2. Annieon 26 Jan 2011 at 7:01 am

    That is great! I’ll be coming back for this one!
    Look forward to reading your blog

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