Jan 27 2011

Mini Leash for Minnie

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Minnie wearing her mini leash

Our trainer has told us to always have a small handle to grab on Minnie’s collar so that we can correct her if she barks, jumps, etc. Any behavior she’s not supposed to do. I could just tie a piece of fabric to it, but that’s not me.

Mini leash

So I made a mini leash which which we can quickly attach and detach using the clasp. It works great (although Frank says it’s just a little too long since it drags a bit if it falls around to her front. I don’t think it’s a big deal).

Yes, you might notice that it’s the same fabric as my folding totes. I had some leftover interfacing and fabric so I used that and the same technique as for the handle of those totes to make the strip. Then I just sewed it around the clasp. Probably only took about 10 minutes.

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