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Feb 13 2011

Silhouette Sunday: Tent Cards

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You may recall that last week I posted about my Chicken Tikka Masala Cook-Off. One of the ways I made it special was by creating little themed tent cards to label each dish with its number. At first I was going to cut the design out of the tent card and put a piece of […]

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Feb 06 2011

Silhouette Sunday: Window Box

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I was going to post about my tent cards from my Chicken Tikka Masala Cook-Off on Friday, but since this is Valentine’s themed, I wanted to give people a chance to make it in time for Valentine’s Day if they needed to. So I needed a box to give some raspberry jam to a friend […]

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Feb 04 2011

Food Friday: Chicken Tikka Masala Cook-Off

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So there’s a bit of a back story to this one. My husband loooooves chicken tikka masala. But not just any chicken tikka masala. Specifically he liked the chicken tikka masala (CTM) from a local restaurant (Godavari formerly known as Sue’s). We were supposed to go there for his birthday last year but they had […]

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