Aug 09 2011

Where have I been?

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Heart Pancake

Well, it’s been several months since I posted to Pigs In Pajamas, but I have good reason. During this time, we came up to the finishing stages of our basement. As part of this basement, I’m getting a dance studio and a sewing studio. I’m super excited about it! But it’s taken all my extra time since we have been doing it ourselves. (Well, technically my husband has been doing most of the heavy lifting.) In any case, we’ve passed final inspection and I’ve been assembling my desks and workspaces. I’ll be giving the grand tour of my studio in few days when it’s cleaned up. So stay tuned!

(In the meantime I leave you with a picture of the pancake I made for my anniversary. Well, one of many — one wouldn’t have been enough for both of us 🙂

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