Aug 14 2011

Silhouette Sunday: Lioness Rhinestone Tank top

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Lioness shirt

So my friend Coco is a lioness. It’s kinda an inside joke, but it’s cuz she’s fierce. I felt the need to emblazon this on a shirt for her so she could advertise this to everyone else. Plus it gave me an excuse to try out my rhinestones.

Cutout the rhinestone template

I started by laying out the words in the Silhouette software. Since I was cutting it out, I decided to cutout a few more words that I planned on making into rhinestone templates later on.

Rhinestone stencil

Sassafras, Awesome, and Lioness. You’ll see Sassafras and Awesome eventually. I used the letters that came with the rhinestone kit, but I did modify them to be narrower so that I could fit the longer words across the chest. I didn’t want any of them to be much wider than 8″. Otherwise the letters get stuck int eh armpits.

Rhinestone stencil negative space

When you remove the stencil, you’re left with the negative space which gives you a good idea of what your rhinestone pattern will look like.

Rhinestone stencil with rhinestones

Next was placing the rhinestones in the stencil. I used the recommended technique of pouring a bunch of rhinestones on to the template with the template in the container to save the rhinestones. But I still had to move a lot of them by hand. I use the Pick Me Up tool from Silhouette for that.

These rhinestones are actually the topaz colored ones though it’s hard to see in this picture. I was going for jungle style colors.

Rhinestones stuck to transfer paper

And voila! The finished shirt. She loved it šŸ™‚

In case anyone is curious, I got most of my rhinestones at Scrapbook Express. Some of them I bought directly from Silhouette when they were having a sale this summer, but I like shopping at Scrapbook Express for my Silhouette supplies like rhinestones and vinyl. They have great customer service, good prices and pretty wide selection of Silhouette stuff.

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