Jan 27 2012

Purple Fabric Flowers

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Purple flowers

While I was at my parents’ place over the holidays, I wanted to do something crafty. I had bookmarked Tasha of Creation Corner‘s post on a Pointed Flower Tutorial and it seemed like the perfect quick and easy craft. My dad and I had just gone to the New Year’s Day fabric sale where I had picked up some fun fat quarters, so I decided to turn them into flowers. How awesome is my dad that he’ll let me drag him to fabric stores and better yet buy me fabric when I get there? I will tell you — pretty darn awesome.

Creation Corner’s tutorial is great with lovely photos. I highly recommend it. Here are some pics from my execution of it with notes on what I did differently.

Trace circles

Start by tracing out your circles. I only used 5 although the tutorial shows 6. This is because I forgot the tutorial showed 6. I would try 6 next time. I found I liked my circles on the bigger side, closer to 3″.

Cutout circles

Cut out those circles.

Fold in half

Fold each circle in half.

Fold in half again

And then in half again so it’s a quarter circle.

Gather bottom

Gather up the rounded edge. I tried doing nice even pleats on my first tiny flower but I found it was better just to eyeball it and get as many gathers as I could. I liked the resulting flower better. Although I did prefer it when the needle entered and exited on the same side of the petal.

Triangles connected

Repeat the above steps for all your petals, gathering them on one thread.

Triangles gathered

Squish them together and they’ll start to form a circle.

Triangles brought together

Sew the ends together and then gather them through the middle. Creation Corner didn’t do this part, but I liked the centers to touch so they weren’t visible around the button so I gathered them in the center as well.

Finished flower

Cover a button with some of the cutting scraps and sew it to the middle and you’re done! Enjoy your little flowers.

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