Jan 31 2012

Glittering Flower Hair Clips Tutorial

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Finished gold flower

This project has been a long time coming. I actually started it before the holidays, but then it was put on hold for holiday travel and taking up space on my desk until this weekend. And in the end, I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

I was inspired by some glitter flower hair clips that I saw on Outblush. I saw them and said to myself, “I can do that!”

Flowers ready to go

I started by picking up some fake flowers at Michaels and removing them from their plastic pieces.

Painted flowers

My plan was to make gold and silver ones. I was using silver paint from FolkArt. I’m not sure what was up with it but it was very watery. Either I didn’t shake it well enough or it’s just not the right paint for this project (since it’s usually a decent brand). I used Martha Stewart brand for the gold paint which was much thicker and went on quite nicely. I let the paint dry over night.

Gold base on the flowers

Then I flipped them over and painted the backside. I only did the gold ones since at this point I figured I’d just leave the “silver” ones purple.

By this point, the gold flowers were nice and stiff which was exactly what I wanted. Next up was adding the glitter.

Other gold flowers

My original plan was to put some glue on the flowers and sprinkle glitter over it and then seal that down. I tried that on the set of flowers above. It was a mess and I had to work really quickly.

But recently I’d seen a number of tutorials on adding glitter to shoes by mixing glitter with modge podge and I figured it could work similarly here. It did and it was so much easier.

Mixing in the glitter

I ended up mixing about equal parts modge podge and glitter.

Modge podge and glitter

It was pretty thick by the time I finished mixing it up.

Glittering flowers

Then I just gooped it on. When the modge podge dried . . . boom! Glittering flowers! I love the way they turned out. To be honest, I was so excited I really wanted to just glitter anything. I did have another project that I was in the middle of that I found a way to incorporate the glitter modge podge. But I’m currently thinking of other things that I can possibly make sparkle πŸ˜€

The bottom flower glitters!

Anyhow, next it was time to put them together. I just used my glue gun to do this which worked well.

Glue down the top flower

First, attach a small flower to the center of a big flower. I like to offset the petals.

Glue down the rhinestone

Next, glue a rhinestone in the middle. I tried two different colors — one very yellow (above) and one more bronze colored. I personally prefer the bronze colored one, but it’s a different look for each.

Place the felt

Cut a small circle of felt and slip it between your hair clip as shown.

Glue the backing

Apply hot glue to the felt and the cip.

Hair clip backing

Press that sucker down on the back of a flower. I liked to try to line up the clip part that sticks out with a petal so that it’s not visible.

Steps of flower making

Here are the steps from start to finish.

Purple flowers

On the sad purple ones, I just tried some edging. I stuck a pink rhinestone on one of them. I ran out of clips and wasn’t thrilled with these so I didn’t bother saving the other two.

Finished flowers

I think they turned out quite festive and look forward to wearing them out. I only wish I’d finished them before the holidays so I could have worn them to some of the holiday parties. πŸ˜›

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