Jan 03 2013

Hanuka Bunting

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Happy Hanuka bunting

I love bunting. I think it’s awesome. I wanted some festive decorations for Hanuka last winter so I decided to make bunting. Even though I love bunting, you’ll be surprised to know that this was the first time I’ve made it!

I basically just added tabs to letters in Silhouette studio and then added a perforation between the tab and the letter. Then I cut them out. I wanted two letters wide and I was using 12″x12″ scrapbook paper so each letter was about 6″ tall.

Taping the paper to the cutting mat

As it turns out, the scrapbooking paper I bought was not ideal for this application It was this awesome blue glitter. When I put it on the cutting mat right side up, even a double cut at the deepest depth couldn’t get all the way through. So I flipped it over. This time it got through, but because of the glitter it would slide around. I finally figured to put tape around the edge which seemed to keep it. Even so, I was only able to cut out one letter at a time. So I probably won’t use this kinda of paper again even though it’s pretty awesome looking.

Cut letters

After cutting out all the letters and folding down the tabs, I laid them out for spacing.

Pasting the cord

Then I flipped them over (maintaining the correct order for when they would be hung up). I then put scrapbooking roll-on glue in the tabs and laid my cord over that, right up in the crease as best I could.

Pasting down the tabs

Then I folded down the tabs.

Tape the tabs

Unfortunately, the tabs did not want to stay down so I had to tape them down as well. Perhaps some better glue would have helped? Maybe I’ll use the glue gun next time. ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy Hanuka bunting

Finally I hung it on my mantle ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I’ve had a chance to make the tabs longer and make the rest of the alphabet, I’ll make my silhouette file for the bunting available.

I would have spell Hanuka the “normal” way, Hanukkah, but I ran out of scrapbook paper since I kept having issues until I figured out my tape solution.

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