Aug 10 2013

There will always be more fabric

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New fabric

Sometimes I need to remind myself “there will always be more nice fabric.” I have a tendency to keep fabric for “something special.” The problem is that I get so busy and have so little time that I never end up using the fabric. Or, worse, I make a muslin for a pattern out of some yucky fabric, and that’s the only version I end up making.

I picked up some great fabric from Sew Mama Sew when they were closing their online store. Yeah, that was a bummer. They were one of my favorite online fabric retailers. Now I’m looking for a new favorite. Suggestions?

At any rate, I picked up some new fabric and my plan is to use it. I plan to use the blue dot with flowers as a “muslin” for my Cambie that way if it happens to turn out, I have an extra one!

But on the flip side, sometimes I see some fabric and I think “oh, that would be perfect for <insert project here>” knowing full well I don’t have time to work on that project at the moment. So I’m trying to remind myself that in a month there will be another perfect fabric for that project. I’ll probably like it even more!

Basically I’m resolving to use more of my “nice” fabric in the future and to quit saving it for that special project while at the same time not buying more fabric because: there will always be more nice fabric.

Do you ever find yourself saving fabric for “something special”?

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