Mar 10 2014

Birthday Tea Party

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Goodie bag

For my birthday this year, I invited my friends to a tea party. Seeing as I was having a birthday party, I couldn’t very well not have goodie bags.

Goodie bags

The gold takeout boxes are actually leftover from the candy bar from my wedding over 5 years ago. I’ve kept them that long. I know. I kept thinking I’d have a use for them. Well, I still have a ton more so I’ll have to find something else. It’s really been too long. I used my Silhouette to cutout the labels after I’d printed them out. I used this cute little tea party graphic from the online store that I colored in the Silhouette software. I expanded then border of the outside line to make a scalloped cutting line. I love the way they came out and it was so simple!

Goodie bag filling

I wanted to fill the good bags with tea themed gifts. So I put a couple of tea bags (I used some by Tea Forté since they came in cool pyramid boxes). I made some charms for identifying your tea cup. I made some sugar gems for sweetening your tea. And since it was Valentine’s time, I picked up a bag of yummy chocolates and added a handful to each bag as well.

Tea charms

I made the tea charms using girly themed charms from Michael’s that include hairbrushes, shoes, purses, hearts, etc. I attached them to an earring hoop and just turned up the end so they were easy to take on and off. Then I made a little backing card for them that said “This tea is for me!”. I used an exacto knife to put two little slices in the backing card so I could slip the ring through it.

Sugar gem ingredients

For the sugar gems, I used the Martha Stewart recipe. I’ve actually had this mold since I first read about the recipe in Martha Stewart, but I never had a reason to make them. Now I finally did!

Making sugar gems

I made two different types: a plain one that I made pink and a lemon flavored one that I made yellow. They didn’t come out perfect — not quite as faceted as I would have liked because I my thermometer wasn’t a true candy thermometer — but they still came out sparkly and gem like. For my first time out, I was happy with them.

Sugar gems

I put them in little bags and made the labels on my Silhouette. These labels I designed myself.

Everyone loved the goodie bags and we had a great time! Wonder what I will do for next year . . . 🙂

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