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Jan 30 2015

Organized spice jars make finding spices easier

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Here’s a post that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Had the pictures, but got waylaid by life. Better late than never! Spice jars are one of those items that always seem to end up a crazy mess. Partly it’s because the ones you get in the rotating ones never hold a full […]

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Jan 27 2015

New Year’s Eve Kransekake

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Time for a food post. For New Year’s Eve I wanted to make a cake since my parents were coming to celebrate with me. I decided to make a Norwegian celebration cake known as a kransekake because we all love the almond-y flavor and it looks cool. I had made one a while ago, but […]

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Jan 25 2015

Colette Seamwork 3001: Oslo

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I recently subscribed to the Colette patterns e-magazine Seamwork. For $6 per month, you get a digital magazine full of useful and informative articles (I’ve enjoyed both issues so far) and at least 2 patterns. The patterns are the type you should be able to do in a couple hours which is awesome. Because those […]

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Jan 19 2015

UFO: Hemmed Jeans

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Posting to keep track of all the unfinished objects I’m actually finishing. These were a pair of jeans that were too long. They probably languished in my UFO pile for nearly a year. But now they’re hemmed! I’ve already worn them twice this week! You might be able to see that my stitches look fine […]

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Jan 17 2015

McCall’s 3017: Flannel Pig Pajamas Pants

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Yes. That is correct. This is Pigs In Pajamas in pig pajamas. So meta. Although that picture makes me looked a little bloated and pasty. Oy. Phone cameras. I’d had this fabric for well over a year. Maybe 2. I’d seen in the store and knew I need some pajama pants out of it. NEEDED. […]

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Jan 15 2015

Hello, 2015

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Well, we made it to another year. I hear this year is supposed to be quite the year (hopefully we actually get hover boards but I’m not going to hold my breath). This year is all about making a clean slate. Clear out the old so I have time for the new. Get my unfinished project […]

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