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Mar 25 2015

I did not miss macaron day

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Although it may seem that I did, I didn’t miss Macaron Day — or Jour Du Macaron as the French call it — on March 20. I made vanilla (see above) and raspberry macarons, trying out some new flavor options with the filling. My husband was sorely disappointed that there was nothing chocolate, but the […]

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Mar 18 2015

More French Macarons

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As previously mentioned, I’m obsessed with macarons. Here’s the latest batch: chocolate peanut butter, raspberry chocolate, chocolate with chocolate caramel and plain with chocolate caramel. This was my first time making chocolate meringue (with cocoa powder in the meringue) and I may have to tweak some of the cooking times or temperatures as they came […]

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Mar 15 2015

WIP: Neon quilt 2

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I continued working on my neon quilt. Love that image above. I just love the way all these colors look together. I think all those strips sewn together would make a nice quilt just by themselves! Today I worked on the binding. I had bought some jelly rolls to make binding. I started by finding […]

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Mar 12 2015

French macarons

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The fact of the matter is that I’m currently obsessed with french macarons. I did a macaron making party for my birthday. I made my macaron apron. I have more macaron fabric which I haven’t used yet. I love them. They are cute. They are tasty. The other weekend I made 5 batches (I only […]

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Mar 09 2015

Found some more neon :)

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Remember how I needed more neon basics in order to do the edging on my neon quilt? Well, it was my lucky day and Craftsy was having a big ol’ sale and it turns out they just happened to have a ton of the neon basics on serious discount. Of course I could not resist. I […]

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Mar 07 2015

WIP: Neon quilt

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So apparently March is national quilt month. I somehow missed this in past years. But I’m here now! I figured I’d show off some of the quilts I’ve been working on. I’ve recently gotten really into quilting. I love the shapes. The colors. The mathematical perfectionism behind them but that at the same time you […]

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Mar 04 2015

Experiments in Dying Fabric: Solarfast

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My next silk dying experiment was using Jacquard’s Solarfast dye, again purchased from Dharma Trading. Solarfast is a dye that uses sunlight (or probably any UV light) to cause the dye to set. Where it’s covered, it doesn’t set or sets lighter. Once again, I wet the silk, but this time I wrung it out […]

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Mar 01 2015

Happy National Pig Day!

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  It’s National Pig Day! Rejoice in the incredible pig. I point you to my favorite link on The Oatmeal about why pigs are awesome.

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