Mar 12 2015

French macarons

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French Macarons

The fact of the matter is that I’m currently obsessed with french macarons. I did a macaron making party for my birthday. I made my macaron apron. I have more macaron fabric which I haven’t used yet. I love them. They are cute. They are tasty.

The other weekend I made 5 batches (I only got pictures of samples from 4 of them because my husband at the first batch before I could take decent pictures). I originally learned using an Italian meringue method, but decided to try using the Martha Stewart recipe which is the French meringue method. It worked great and the macarons came out awesome (see above). I’m really loving this new recipe because it’s less messy and smaller batches which means I can make more variety.

The flavors above are lemon, raspberry-lemon, chocolate-mint and chocolate-caramel filled. They were met with very positive reviews. 🙂

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