Jun 17 2015

A flower quilt for my grandmother

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Grandma Flower Quilt Closeup

Remember I told you I’d show you what I made out of the extra apron fabric? Well, here it is — a quilt for my grandmother.

Grandma Flower Quilt

Look at my mom’s cute little toes sticking out as she models this for me 🙂

Grandma Flower Quilt Closeup

This probably the scrappiest quilt that I’ve made to date. Everything is scraps from the apron that I made my mom except for the yellow (which is also the backing fabric and the green sashing).


I designed it myself based on how much fabric I had left over and used almost every little bit. The original design is above. Obviously it ended up turning out slightly different based on how much of each fabric I had (I didn’t have enough of the pink flowers to do the sashing with it). And most of the squares actually ended up being pieced together.

Grandma Flower Quilt Closeup

But all in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Grandma Flower Quilt Ruffle Closeup

Oh, the other part which I ended up buying was the fabric for the ruffle. When I got to the end and was ready to bind it off, I felt it needed it something more. Thanks to the internet and eBay I was able to find a stripe fabric from the original (and now out of print) Ginger Blossom fabric line. I love using stripes for ruffles and edging. I really think this was the icing on the cake for this quilt and I love how it turned out.

Grandma Flower Quilt Ruffle Closeup

I longarm quilted it at the first place I was doing longarm quilting before they stopped offering rentals. It was my first successful “real” quilt (as opposed to a baby or practice quilt). It’s mostly just meandering but in the squares I also did flowers and some words that related to my grandmother and things we share like “dance” and “love.”

Grandma Flower Quilt Closeup

Needless to say, she loves it 🙂

Flower quilt

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