Jul 08 2015

Map quilt x 2

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Map quilt

When I got certified at the first longarm place, a year or two ago, the first thing I did was some practice quilts. I had bought two yards of this map fabric and made each one into a practice quilt. I did similar quilting on each but at different scales.

Dog in a blanket

The first one was done at a large scale. We ended up using it as a dog bed in the crates. Honestly, I can’t believe she let me wrap her up like that. She must have been tired 🙂

Map quilt detail

The second, above was done at a smaller scale. I did wavy lines on landmasses and waves in water with the occasional “eddy” (aka swirl).

Map quilt detail

The binding was self-binding by cutting the backing 1 inch wider than the whole thing and folding over. I’m posting this now because I finally finished the binding on the second one and I never posted pictures of the first. The backing is just a red broadcloth and the batting is some old polyester stuff I had. I don’t think I can donate it because they don’t like polyester for baby quilts, but the polyester stuff sure does puff up nicely.

Map quilt folded

The first one has been well “loved” by the dogs (they like to drag it around the house). Not sure what I’ll do with the second yet . . .

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