Aug 05 2015

Lavender Bath Bombs

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Beautiful Bath Bombs

I took a break from quilting this weekend to make some bath bombs. I love a good bath bomb in my bath, but sometimes have a hard time finding the kind I like: moisturizing and relaxing. I used this recipe from the Soap Queen blog to make lavender clay bath bombs. I ordered everything form Brambleberry. They have an easy link to add everything from the recipe to your shopping cart. I’ve ordered from Brambleberry before and been really happy with their products and service.

Baking soda and citric acid

The recipe is pretty straight forward, but just for some additional reference photos . . . above is after mixing the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with citric acid in a 2:1 ratio and squishing all the clumps with my hands.

Shea butter added

Then I melted the shea butter and mixed that in.

Bath bomb components

After stirring in the lavender fragrance, I split up the mixture and added the color clays. I like the purple one best. All mixing was done by hand. I wore gloves, but not sure they’re really necessary — I just did it because they have gloves on in the pictures for the recipe.

Busted bath bombs

Finally, I packed them into molds. At the top of the page are the ones that turned out well. It took some work to get used to how to pack them correctly. My first one fell apart immediately. My second one fell apart when I tried to take it out of the mold. Third, fourth and fifth all worked out well. The last one you see above is just leftovers. The half ones will still work in the tub so I’m not too worried.

I can’t wait to test them out!

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