Oct 12 2015

Rainbow Sampler Quilt

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Rainbow sampler quilt folded

The previous time I was at the longarm quilter, I had a whole day because of a long weekend. So I brought about a yard of wide back fabric. You may remember this gray fabric from the backing for my Bright Squares Quilt. I marked out borders and 7 sections — one for each color of the rainbow — although I only ended up doing 6 colors because I ran out of time.

Rainbow sampler quilt front

For each color, I did a different style, hence the name: Rainbow Sampler Quilt. It was great for practice and it ended up looking awesome.

Red paisley close up

For red, I worked on my paisley. You can see how I fell into a rhythm after getting into a bit (I started on the right hand side which was actually upper left when I was quilting it).

Orange water close up

Orange water close up 2

For orange I did stair steps or I think sometimes it’s called tranquil waters.

Yellow spirals close up

Yellow spirals close up 2

Yellow was spirals. I’ve done spirals before, but they can always use practice to work on the evenness and roundness.

Green leaves close up 2

Green leaves close up

Green was leaves. This was kinda obvious. Green. Leaves. But it was a new pattern so I enjoyed it. I’d use it again on the right quilt.

Blue pebbles and waves close up

Blue started out as pebbles (or bubbles as I was thinking of them) but about 1/2 hour in, I got annoyed by how long the bubbles were taking (I had been quilting for some 6 hours at this point) so I switched to waves. I think the bubbles looked okay (though they could definitely use more practice and I think they wouldn’t look quite so bad if the thread color matched the fabric — that would hide some of the error), but wow they take a lot of time.

Purple flowers close up

Purple flowers close up 2

For purple, I did flowers. I switched up the sizes for interest.

Rainbow Sampler Quilt Feather border

Finally, all along the borders, I worked on my feathers. For those I did do gray thread to match the gray background.

Overall, I was very happy with how the patterns turned out and I plan on using most of them in quilts at some point or another. Even the feathers weren’t too bad! But definitely good to get a feel for them before putting them into a quilt I care a lot about.

Rainbow sampler quilt back

I used a gray bobbin thread (same as the feathers) so that it wouldn’t show amongst the colors and I liked the contrast with the turquoise background fabric I picked. You can’t really tell here, but it does look nice. Both the front and back fabrics were wide back cottons I got from JoAnn’s with a sweet 50% off coupon.

Rainbow sampler quilt binding

For the binding I used some dark gray Hawthorne Threads hues. For this one I machine sewed it. First to the front, then topstitched on the front to catch it on the back. Since it was just a sampler quilt I wasn’t going to hand bind it and I think it turned out well enough.

Overall, quite happy with the results of this quilt!

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