Dec 15 2015

Longarm Quilted One Hour Baskets

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Pink quilted one hour baskets

Things have been busy around here with the holidays. It seems like everyone tries to cram everything in at the end of the year. I love the parties and get togethers, but it also makes it hard to find time for other things. I’ve been doing things, but just haven’t found time to post. Also, with this dreary weather (yay, rain!) it’s been hard to find sunlight to take some photos in. So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to.

Pink quilted one hour baskets

Remember the longarm certification class I took? As part of that class we did a sampler to test out different stitches. The leaves in the first were when we tested using a pantograph.

longarm quilting sampler

Well, I hate to waste fabric and this was a perfectly nicely longarmed piece of muslin. So I decided to make some one hour baskets out of it. I figured that’d be as good a use as any and would at least finally get it off my sewing table (that was the real motivation — I was tired of looking at it just sit there and take up space).

Cut longarm quilted pieces

Based on the width of the sampler, I could only cut it to 15 inches wide rather than 16.5 inches the pattern calls for). But otherwise, I followed the pattern as normal (as opposed to last time). So they’re a little stumpier than before, but I’m still pretty happy with them. The quilting is in purple and matches the handles. I didn’t have enough of the handle fabric to do the lining as well so I went with some pink I had. I think it still turned out nice and shows off the quilting, too. (Ignore the horrible paisley quilting — it was my first try at paisley. Ever.)

Pink quilted one hour baskets

I’m using them to store WIPs. I also like the way the top looks turned down and it actually works a little better for storing one of my projects. Yay for options!

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