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Jan 25 2016

Midnight Mystery Quilt — December

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We’re almost there! I lost some ground during the holidays, but I’m back on to it. This month I finished up December which was making the big blocks that will be joined to make the final top. Sorry for the iffy quality of the first photo. I realized after I was downloading the photos to […]

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Jan 22 2016

Glitter Resin Bracelets Tutorial

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So this is a *super* old post (I started writing it 4 years ago!) that I never got around to finishing. However, I finally got some pictures of the finished bracelets so I figured I’d post it and get it out of my draft folder. ————————————– After doing the resin for the ring and cuff […]

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Jan 18 2016

More rope bowls — this time with sparkle!

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Making rope bowls is awesome. They are fast. They are fun. They are useful. And now I can make them with SPARKLES. So many wins in one project. Perhaps you haven’t realized yet, but if I can add sparkle or bright colors to a project, it’s instantly better in my opinion. This means rope bowls […]

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Jan 15 2016

Neon Quilt Finish

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I finally finished my neon quilt which I started so long ago! I actually finished it in 2015 but I didn’t have a chance to take photos of it until 2016. I’m really super happy with how it turned out. I used a 15 piece layer cake from Riley Blake in Neon Basics and a […]

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Jan 09 2016

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! It’s taken me a while to get back to blogging since the holidays due to travel and other activities. I’ve been busy making but sometimes the path from camera to blog is slow. And now when I finally have time, the Lightroom->Flickr plugin is down 🙁 so my other posts will have to […]

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