Jan 22 2016

Glitter Resin Bracelets Tutorial

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So this is a *super* old post (I started writing it 4 years ago!) that I never got around to finishing. However, I finally got some pictures of the finished bracelets so I figured I’d post it and get it out of my draft folder.


After doing the resin for the ring and cuff links, I was curious to try out some real resin. I really wanted some glitter bangles as I am currently obsessed with glitter just a little bit. While I was at my parents, I had managed to find some bracelet molds for resin (one skinny, one thick) at a giant hobby shop the likes of which we do not have here. I was able to get the resin at a local Michael’s but they had no molds there except for some soap molds in hearts and flowers and what am I going to do with resin hearts and flowers? Anyhow, here are the steps I took if you would like to do it yourself.

Resin bracelet materials

You will need:

  • EasyCast clear casting epoxy
  • Glitter
  • A mold
  • Disposable paper or plastic cups
  • Disposable stirrers (coffee stirrers, popsicle sticks, etc.)
  • Something to cover your work area in case you spill
  • A well ventilated area to do the resin mixing in

Mixing resin

First, make sure you are in a well ventilated area!

Start by measuring out equal parts resin and catalyst into one of your cups. I determined equal through very “scientific” means. I measured out what I thought was half of the total amount of resin I wanted in water in a cup. I marked the outside of a cup with a marker at the level of the water. I poured that water into another cup to save it. Then I filled the original cup up to the marker line with water. And then I poured the saved water back into the first cup, giving me twice the original quantity in the first cup. And I marked that amount with a marker as well.

So then I pour in the resin up to the first marker line. And then added catalyst until the mixture hit the second marker line. Hope that makes sense . . . Be sure to dry out your measuring cup before you pour the resin and catalyst in though.

Once you’ve got both of them in there, you’ll need to stir it for 2 minutes straight. Be sure to get stuff off the bottom and scrape the sides.

Pouring resin to second container

When 2 minutes is up, pour the whole mixture into another cup and stir for another minute. I don’t know why you have to do that, but that’s what the directions say.

Glitter added

Next, we add glitter! Just toss it in there and stir it up until you are happy with how well it is mixed.

Mixed in glitter

Here’s how mine looked when it was mixed to my satisfaction.

Resin bracelets

Next pour your resin into the molds. You can see I got much better on the second one (on the left). The resin went all over the place on the first one as I had no idea how fast it would come out.

And wait 24 hours . . .

More recent edit: In hindsight, this is not a great idea. It’s better to pour them a little less full than over full. It will making getting them out easier and you will have soooo much less sanding to do at the end.


Your resin should be set at this point. Now comes the hard part — getting it out of the mold. I imagine for a heart or flower mold it’s not so bad. But for the bracelets, they were so skinny and deep that it was hard to break the seal.


I really had to bend the plastic quite a bit!


But I did get them out 🙂


Next cut off any garbage that you can. You’ll probably still have some bits hanging off unless you are amazing at pouring or if you were smart and didn’t overfill like I did. But even then, you’ll probably have some sharp edges. Grab some sandpaper and just sand away. You’ll probably want to do this outside so you don’t breathe resin dust and possibly wear a face mask if you’re very sensitive. Depending on the grit of your sandpaper, you may need a polish step to make it shiny again.


And you’re done!

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