Mar 09 2016

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – January

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Mighty Lucky Quilting Club January Bias Tap Believe

One of the many things I signed up for at the beginning of the year was a subscription to the Lucky Spool Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. Each month they send you an exercise to do to expand your quilting abilities. I had so much fun learning new techniques from the Meadow Mist Midnight Mystery Quilt that I figured this would be a fun way to learn even more. I’m a little behind (surprised?) but I’m getting caught up . . . at least for now. I’ll be posting February soon.

Bias tape and tape maker

The first month was on bias tape. They have a recommended project where you make a bunch of bias tape and make blocks with it. In fact most of the techniques they give could be repeated to make quilts and even a whole quilt with them. I’d do that if I had more time because it would be a good way to get really good at a technique.

But since I don’t, I decided to just apply the bias tape to a smaller project. I’ve made bias tape for sewing projects before but not with the intention of using it for a quilt.

Bias tape fabric

Rainbow bias tape

I made up some bias tape with some fun rainbow fabric I had bought originally for quilt binding but then never used for that. Check out the matching on that seam. Dang 🙂

Bias tape P

I knew I wanted to spell out letters so I tested it first on just a single letter. I was testing everything:

  • applying the bias tape using wonder tape to hold it in place
  • how much of a curve I could put in the bias tape before I got wrinkles
  • the stitching down of the bias tape — I wasn’t sure if the wonder tape would hold it or if it would catch on my presser foot (it was fine)
  • the outline and straight line quilting I wanted to do (also happy with how that turned out).

Practice Biast Tape P

I decided to bind this mini-mini for completion sake and also to test out stitch-in-the-ditch seam binding which I had wanted to try. I like how it looks.

Blieve bias tape

For the actual project, I spelled out “Believe” on some Essex linen.

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club January Bias Tap Be

I quilted around each letter using my home machine and then did vertical straight line quilting. I bound it with some black and white dot fabric I had laying around.

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club January Bias Tap Believe

I’m so happy with how this mini turned out and looking forward to hanging it to remind me to believe 🙂

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