Mar 16 2016

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – February

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Mighty Lucky Quilting Club February Improv

For February for Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, the focus was on improv quilting and “less is more.” I hadn’t really done improv quilting before, so this was a fun exercise, although I’m not sure it’s really something I’ll spend much time doing in the future.

Improv quilting fabric

First, I picked out some fabrics. The green is my focus fabric and the yellow is my coordinating fabric. The whites are my background.

Improv quilting pieces

I picked out a number of pieces that I thought would work. And then I played around with them . . .

Improv quilting take 1

First try . . .

Improv quilting take 2

Second try . . .

Improv quilting take 3

Third times a charm . . .

Improv quilting take 3 after removing

Then I removed two pieces (as instructed). I may have cheated a little by removing two of the attached pieces, but I think the effect was the same.

Improv quilting with background

And then I filled in the background. I think the little swatch of linen in there is my favorite part of the background

Improv quilting sewn and trimmed

Stitched & trimmed . . .

Improv quilting basted

Basted . . . and quilted with some simple straight line stitching so as to keep focus on the improv pieced aspect.

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club February Improv

And done. Bound with some more of the leftover white fabric. I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out . . . although not sure what to do with it. Perhaps it will be a placemat?

It was a fast project and a good skill to practice/try, but I prefer to think and plan out my quilts. In fact, I think the planning and designing is half the fun!

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