May 20 2016

Random 8th Grade Sewing Project

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Computer softie

Back when I was in 8th grade, you could still take home ec. It was the BEST class. We got to cook and sew and learn about color theory and did I mention, sew? Yeah, we got to sew for school.

Computer softie screen

At that point, I had already been sewing for fun for a while so it was like someone told me I could just have fun in school for a period. One of the projects was to  pick a softie from a catalog of softies the you would make for a grade. You were allowed to buy extras if you wanted (of course, I got one — they were only $5 each for each kit!!). But this was the one I did for my school project. I got an A+++ (yes, three pluses) on it. 😀

Computer softie keyboard

Would you look at the detail and hand embroidery on that thing? All those little felt pieces were sewn by hand. Only the body was machine sewn. I’m quite proud of my little 8th grade self. And also pretty psyched that as a girl, I chose to make a computer. Although we had a computer at home, computer science wasn’t really on my radar as a possible field of study, but maybe the universe knew something I didn’t. 🙂

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  1. Snarfon 21 May 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Universe???? Doesn’t know squat. We just said “let’s water these seeds and see what grows; the encoding should be interesting”. You code your way we code ours.

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