May 23 2016

iPad Pencil Holder

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IPad Pencil leather holder

My husband has one of those Apple Pencils to go with his iPad but he has a hard time keeping track of it, so he asked me to make him a holder for it that could attach to his iPad.
IPad Pencil leather holder
I actually made him two. One from leather and one from lycra. Personally I think the leather one came out a little better. I did a better job of tapering the leather at the point and giving the top piece slack to allow for the pencil. Plus the leather naturally has some grip on the pencil.
IPad Pencil leather holder detail
My leather skills aren’t perfect, but they are greatly improved from my recent bag making. I used some pieces I had in a large scrap bag from Michael’s.
IPad Pencil leather holder inside
For the inside of both, I used black lycra. I wanted some thing stretchy so I didn’t have to add additional elastic but also thin and smooth since it would be up against the screen. This seemed to fit the bill and did indeed work well. Bonus that it doesn’t need to be finished on the edges making it even smoother.
iPad Pencil lycra holder
The second one was all lycra. I didn’t give the top layer as much give as the leather one because I worried about it being too loose and not holding the pen. Although I double interfaced the lycra on the bottom part, I should have given it a stable base like peltex. Next time . . . this is good enough for now.

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