Nov 11 2016

Sprout Sloan Leggings by Hey June

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Sprout Sloan Gingko Leggings

A while back I wanted a quick and easy project. So I ordered some Sloan Leggings from Sprout patterns. I’ve mentioned Sprout before. The Sloan Leggings are a pattern by Hey June. And this is definitely a super quick and easy project.
Sprout Spoonflower package
The fabric is printed by Spoonflowe so it comes wrapped nicely.
Sprout Sloan Leggings before cutting
I wanted something kinda “zen” that I could wear to yoga so I went for this gingko leaf design by lauriekentdesigns. I was also trying to match a green top. I did not actually manage to match it, but I did like the print.
Folded Sloan Leggings
The leggings themselves went together in an afternoon. Maybe an hour? Tops. There’s only a few seams.
Sloan Leggings taking in the inseam
I ordered a medium based on the measurements on the website. I ended up having to take it in — everywhere. The crotch, the legs. But it’s always better (and possible) to take in than out. This fabric was Spoonflower’s performance lycra. I really like the fabric, but it’s got a lot of stretch. So next time I would probably order an extra small (for those of you thinking of ordering your own).
Sloan Leggings cutting interfacing
My only real beef with the pattern itself was that they recommend putting in knit interfacing in the waistband. Above is how I cut out the interfacing because I didn’t feel like printing and tracing the pattern. Maybe I used terrible interfacing. Don’t know. But it left it really wrinkled after it stretched the first time. It’s fine when it’s pulled up (sorta — but no one sees it usually):
Sprout Sloan Gingko Leggings
But looks a bit odd when rolled down. Or maybe it’s just a texture feature 🙂
Please ignore that you can kinda see my panty outline in these photos. I usually wear it with a skirt or long shirt over top like in the first photo.
Sprout Sloan Gingko Leggings
Either way, they work. I’ve since made the Sloan leggings again and not put interfacing in the waistband which works much better for me.
Sprout Sloan Gingko Leggings
Here’s a side view.
Overall they’re good leggings. I’ve got a legging pattern comparison post coming up. But the features I like about the Sloan leggings are:
  • wide waistband
  • card pocket (I can actually fit my whole phone which is great when walking the dogs)
  • extra shaping around the calf
I leave you with one last photo. I need to find something that matches them better . . .
Sprout Sloan Gingko Leggings

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  1. Snarfon 12 Nov 2016 at 6:30 am

    Would these pants look so nice if you had a big belly? Some of us are concerned.

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