Dec 14 2016

Thanksgiving 5k Tutus

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I had to put this one under crafts because there’s actually no sewing involved!

My family does a Turkey Trot 5k run every year on Thanksgiving Day. We’ve been doing it at least the last 5 years, maybe 10. I’ve lost count at this point. Some years I run. This year I walked with my cousin since she was pregnant and the running aggravated things (as they will when you’re carrying another human).

To make things a little more “exciting” this year, we decided to make matching tutus! I looked at a bunch of different tutu tutorials online and then basically used this tutorial from DIY Projects mostly for the yardage and size of strips. We used elastic rather than ribbon though and of course a variety of colors, but it came out to approximately 6 yards of tulle per skirt.


  • 1 yard of 1/2 inch elastic (or whatever is needed to go around your waist and tie it in a knot)
  • 6 yards of tulle (feel free to mix up the colors!)


  • Rotary cutter & mat
  • Scissors
  • Your hands 🙂


Cutting tulle for Turkey Trot Tutus

Use the rotary cutter to slice the tulle into 6 inch strips. I started using a rotary ruler for this to begin with but trying to layout the tulle, measure was too much bother so I just eyeballed it. Tutu making of this sort is not an exact science so it wasn’t really a big deal, made no difference to the finished product and went so much faster.

Tulle strips for Turkey Trot Tutus

Tulle strips for Turkey Trot Tutus

Cut each strip in half so that they’re about 25” long each. I had some minions to do this for me while I continued to cut strips. 🙂

Attaching strips for Turkey Trot Tutus

Tie the elastic around your waist and then do pull over knots to tie it to the elastic. Repeat until tutu has desired fullness.

Attaching strips for Turkey Trot Tutus

What’s a pull over knot? This is where you create a loop with the tulle (ideally at the middle of the strip) and pull the rest of the tulle through that loop so that it wraps around the elastic (or whatever you are tying it to). The tutorial linked above has some good photos of how to do it if mine don’t make sense.

Backside of Turkey Trot Tutus My Turkey Trot Tutus

Enjoy your tutu!

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