Jan 01 2017

Grace Circle October 2016 Quilt

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Grace Circle October 2016 Quilt Folded

As I previously mentioned, I’m a part of the Grace Circle for do. Good Stitches as a quilter. This past October was my first month as quilter and now I can share the quilt I finished last month.

Orange and black square in square in square

I asked the quilt circle members to do the square above called a flower box using this tutorial. For the black, anything that read as black ,and for the orange, anything that read as orange — solid or print in both cases.

Grace Circle October '16 Square

Here were the samples that I made. They also ended up being a part of the quilt as well.

Making my Grace Circle October '16 blocks

Some in progress shots of working not he sample blocks.

Making my Grace Circle October '16 blocks

These blocks were fun and I would totally do them again for a quilt of my own.

Grace Circle October 2016 Quilt top

I got everyone’s squares by mid November and played around a little deciding how I want to lay them out. I ended up offsetting every other row and I really like the chevrons it created between the rows. I had to make a couple more half squares for the layout to be even. I needed to get it done before December because I had already scheduled time on the longarm to get it quilted up before the end of December deadline (quilters are expected to have their quilt done by the end of the second month after their designated month).

Grace Circle October 2016 Quilt Front

It was so cool to see it come together. Quilt circle quilts like this are a great example of how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Grace Circle October 2016 Quilt Close-up

I enjoyed doing some fun quilting on the longarm for it — swirls that I felt confident with in the diamonds for interest and waves that wouldn’t be too distracting elsewhere.

Grace Circle October 2016 Quilt Back

Since I used orange thread, it made a cool contrast against the black backing that I used.

I’m already cooking up ideas for my next month — April!

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