Jan 04 2017

A quilt top for mom

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Mom Mauve & Dusty Blue front

A while ago (and by a while I mean like 10 years ago), my mom made a quilt top. This quilt top languished in her fabric vault until about a year or two ago when I started doing longarm quilting. When I was home last time, I told her she just needed to get it done so I took it from my mom and told her I would quilt it up for her. She insisted she didn’t even really like it, but now that it’s done she does still like it 🙂

Mom Mauve & Dusty Blue back

I pieced the back in order to save fabric. It was just a little over 44” so I cut the proper length, sliced it down the middle and pieced together some partial blocks leftover from the original quilt piecing. This saved a ton of the backing fabric which my mom can now use for something else.

Special thank you shout out to my dad for being an excellent quilt holder 😉

Mom Mauve & Dusty Blue close up

For the actual quilting, I did feathers in all the white areas and then just simple designs in the 9 patches. I’m very happy with how the feathers turned out. But it was my first time for doing this 9-patch pattern and while it got progressively better, I have to really slow myself down to get it precise. After washing it looked decent, but definitely need more practice here.

Mom Mauve & Dusty Blue binding on the plane

Put my long flight home to good use by working on the binding. Bonus: if you bind on the plane, the quilt keeps you warm and you don’t have to use the icky plane blankets!

Mom Mauve & Dusty Blue close up

I did the binding using the leftover blue fabric and it complimented it nicely. She had just enough leftover blue fabric — almost like she actually intended to originally use the blue for the binding. Which she might have but it was so long ago we have no idea.

Mom Mauve & Dusty Blue close up

I guess this is my first commissioned piece 🙂

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  1. snarfon 06 Jan 2017 at 4:32 pm

    Wow my first accolade in a public blog. So cool.

  2. Pigleton 24 Feb 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Well deserved 😉

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