Sep 22 2017

Town Playmat Quilt

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Town Playmat

The company that makes the print patterns for Jack’s quilt from my last post also makes these coordinating panels. I couldn’t resist. They fit together so I bought one of each and put them together into a large (88” x 45”) playmate for the little guy.

Town Playmat

Not too much to say about this one. I did a stipple pattern quilting for most of it, leaving out the train tracks so they stand out a little and doing more of a wave pattern in the harbor part of the print. You can see that in the photo below. I used a gray-green thread and I think it does a good job of blending with the grass, concrete, details and water.

Town Playmat

Binding was basic black since the focus is on the town. For this quilt, since the back was black I actually did the method where I leave an inch all around after cutting the top and batting to size and then fold over twice to self bind. I don’t think it saves time necessarily because the cutting takes longer, but it’s certainly more efficient with use of fabric.

And a picture of the back for good measure. No label on this one, just my little personal label.

Town Playmat back

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