Oct 16 2017

Pokemon Weepinbell Halloween Costume

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Weepinbell Costume

As we get closer to Halloween, I’ve got some costume related posts. The first is this Weepinbell Pokemon costume that I made for a group Pokemon costume at work. We decided on Pokemon because there was variety for people to pick something they liked and they could go as complicated as they wanted or just go with a t-shirt. No stress.

For those not familiar with Weepinbell, here’s a picture:


Photo from Bulbapedia and used without modification under the Creative Commons license.

Obviously, this is my take on Weepinbell in a way that worked for me.

Weepinbell Costume hood down

I needed something that was work-appropriate, something simple and something that wouldn’t break the bank since I probably wasn’t going to wear it again. It’s entirely made with blizzard fleece from JoAnn’s that was on sale for 2.99/yard at that time (well except the top of the hood since that was some scrap cotton fabric). I was a little worried about it being warm, but turns out the party was outside after the sun went down, so this was actually the best idea ever to make it out of fleece and I was super comfortable.

Weepinbell Costume back

The base pattern is Simplicity 1251. The pattern itself is decent and has some interesting lines. Actually pretty good as a base for other ideas. I would make it a again, but I’d size up if I’m making it out of something non-stretchy like fleece again. It grabbed me a little under the arms but that was fine for something like this where I wasn’t going to be wearing it that long or for long periods.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I think it’s a good interpretation of the character. The bottom “lip” is stuffed to give it poof.

Weepinbell Costume sleeve leaf detail

I’m probably most proud of the arms/leaves on to which I sewed a leafy pattern.

Weepinbell Costume skirt detail

I attached the little dots using heat & bond. They’re a nod to dots on Weepinbell’s forehead.

Weepinbell Costume hood detail

And of course some giant googly eyes to top it off.

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