Apr 14 2018

Tula Pink Triangles Baby Quilt

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Tula Pink Triangles quilt

A recent finish for my friend’s little girl. I had these Tula Pink fat quarters for a really long time. Probably over 3 years, but just never had the right project for them. I think I may have used one of them at some point, but never got around to using the rest of them.

Well, fast forward and my good friend from college was having her second little girl and I wanted to make baby quilt. Going through my stash, I found these and knew they were just right.

Tula Pink triangles and sidekick ruler

I opted to go for a triangle quilt. I find triangles to be both interesting and not overwhelmingly complicated so they allow the fabrics to show through. I opted for large triangles which I cut using my Sidekick ruler. I like that ruler because it gives me guides to cut off the corners as well which makes piecing triangles so much easier.

I cut out my triangles by cutting strips and then chopping the strip into triangles. The small ones on the left in the photo above are the extras which I used in the sides.

Tula Pink Triangles quilt

I laid out my quilt and randomized as much as I could. Love a good random quilt. I was originally going to do 8 rows but I didn’t like the final shape. Too long and skinny. You can see in my next post what I did with the triangles for the extra 2 rows.

Tula Pink Triangles quilt

Here’s how the quilt top ended up looking. Really happy with how it turned out and I thought it was a great mix of colors and patterns. Feminine but not too girly.

Tula Pink Triangles quiltilts2 1

I quilted it on the long arm with some simple shapes that followed the triangles but didn’t overpower. I wanted to keep the quilting open so the quilt was soft and cuddly rather than super-quilted and stiff.

Tula Pink Triangles quilt

I backed it with flannel for more cuddle factor.

Tula Pink Triangles quilt 11

And bound it with a simple coordinating solid color binding.

Tula Pink Triangles quilt

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  1. Donnaon 15 Apr 2018 at 10:25 am

    Nice finish! The Tula fabric and large triangles paired up so well.

  2. Pigleton 15 Apr 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you! 🙂

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