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Nov 05 2016

The force was strong this Halloween

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This year for Halloween we went full Star Wars. Minnie was Princess Leia and Max was Obi-Wan (at least that’s who I based his jedi robes off of. They were a little less than cooperative with the modeling this year than last year, but I think we still managed to get some decent photos. I […]

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Oct 31 2015

Happy Halloween from Robin Hood and Maid Marian!

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Are these not the most adorable Robin Hood and Maid Marian you’ve ever seen?? This is actually their costume from last year, but since I never had a chance to post it, I figured this Halloween is as good as any :). In case you can’t tell, they’re supposed to be Robin Hood and Maid […]

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Aug 18 2013

Couch Cover With A Dog Picture

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So this is partly a gratuitous photo of my dog. But there is actually some sewing in it as well. You may notice that there appears to be a cover on the arm of the couch. You would be correct. Minnie usually spends the day looking out that window. Whenever someone walks by she feels […]

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Jan 05 2013

A dog bed fit for a queen

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Back in college, my mom and I made the duvet cover below. This was thick upholstery fabric. It didn’t really fit in my dorm room, but it was so regal looking. I felt like Shirley Temple in The Little Princess after the guy brings her that plush comforter. Not that my dorm room was nearly […]

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Oct 31 2011

Happy Halloween!

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This year for Halloween, Minnie was a witch. It was a quick costume I tossed together in about 3 hours including the time it took to go to the store and buy the fabric. About 2 hours of that was real sewing. She really looked quite adorable in it despite the fact that she really […]

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Jan 27 2011

Mini Leash for Minnie

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Our trainer has told us to always have a small handle to grab on Minnie’s collar so that we can correct her if she barks, jumps, etc. Any behavior she’s not supposed to do. I could just tie a piece of fabric to it, but that’s not me. So I made a mini leash which […]

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Jan 14 2011

Food Friday: Kale Chips

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I found out about kale chips from Diana at The Chic Life. The first time she posted about them as a side dish and when she came to visit San Francisco, I asked her for the recipe. She gave me the basics: spritz some olive oil, salt and pepper and bake til crispy. Since then […]

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Dec 08 2010

Happy Hannukah: Day 3

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Try as I might, life gets in the way and I wasn’t able to post every day. But life is good, so here are my catch up posts. 🙂 This is Minnie’s Hannukah outfit. She wore it at the Hannukah party we had (where she was SO well behaved!) and was just the belle of […]

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Sep 15 2010

Dog Collar Pattern Review

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So I entered my LED collar in a sewing contest on Pattern Review. My first entry into one of their contests. I wish I had made my dog bed just 2 weeks later because the contest is for sewing for your pet and the bed came out really awesome. But it has to be items […]

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Sep 14 2010

LED Dog Collar

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I’ve been meaning to make something with LEDs for a while. I finally got around to doing it. I decided to make a dog collar. It was a good first project with LEDs because it’s fairly simple as they go, and it’s pretty cool because now I can see her in the backyard at night. […]

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