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Oct 16 2017

Pokemon Weepinbell Halloween Costume

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As we get closer to Halloween, I’ve got some costume related posts. The first is this Weepinbell Pokemon costume that I made for a group Pokemon costume at work. We decided on Pokemon because there was variety for people to pick something they liked and they could go as complicated as they wanted or just […]

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Nov 08 2016

More Halloween Fun

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Some more decoration for Halloween. I worked on a Halloween quilt this year (more details on that in another post). And using the leftover fabric, I decided to make a little festive table decoration. The overall design was pretty simple. Just laid out the squares and sewed them together. After doing so, it wasn’t quite […]

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Oct 31 2015

Happy Halloween from Robin Hood and Maid Marian!

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Are these not the most adorable Robin Hood and Maid Marian you’ve ever seen?? This is actually their costume from last year, but since I never had a chance to post it, I figured this Halloween is as good as any :). In case you can’t tell, they’re supposed to be Robin Hood and Maid […]

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Oct 28 2015

Halloween One Hour Baskets

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I had been seeing all over Instagram references to the “one hour basket.” Various posts of cute little fabric boxes or baskets that were tagged with #onehourbasket or #hourbasket. Finally I found the source. The one hour basket is a free pattern available on Craftsy. You can get it here! It’s put out by Hearts and […]

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Nov 02 2011

The Dog Witch

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As you saw earlier, I made a witch costume for Minnie. It was loosely based off of Butterick 4885. Basically I used the pattern for the base. I shortened the length and added the skirt which was just two layered ruffles. I also added a ruffle at the neckline instead of the collar. Finally, I […]

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Oct 31 2011

Happy Halloween!

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This year for Halloween, Minnie was a witch. It was a quick costume I tossed together in about 3 hours including the time it took to go to the store and buy the fabric. About 2 hours of that was real sewing. She really looked quite adorable in it despite the fact that she really […]

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